Fluid Performance Surf Coaching on the Sunshine Coast

Fluid Performance

We are a multi disciplinary organization comprised of coaches (both Surf & Strength), Allied Health Practitioners (Physios & Exercise Physiologists) along with Yoga teachers that all are here to help you be physically able to surf better.
We have worked with athletes from beginner right up to World Tour Level.

Our Training Philosophy:

Fluid Performance Athletes and Coaches train using industry best practices with proven results on the World Tour level. These same principles applies to surfers of all levels of ability. We use your current surfing level to assist us in programming physical competency goals that will help you surf better!

Our Philosophy is:

A) Physical Assessment Screening  B) Video Analysis  C) Strength & Conditioning program D) Re-assess


1 on 1 Video Analysis session with Sports Scientist & Coach $200 (1.5 hr Surf session & 0.5hr Video Analysis in class, client to keep all footage)

1 on 1 Strength & Conditioning with Sports Scientist/ S&C Coach $100 (initial consultation) & $90 thereafter – 1 hour

Group Strength & Conditioning training for Surfers $30 or 10 class pass for $250

Yoga for Surfers $25 or $200 for a 10 class pass


About Our Products:

Video Analysis Session with Sports Scientist & Coach – utilizing one of the many suitable local breaks our coach and sports scientist will give you instruction on where to surf and will capture your performance. You will then go back to the training centre and analyse your performance together. He will then make recommendations for your training program.

S&C 1 On 1 – One of our Exercise Physiologists/Strength & Conditioning Coaches will do an assessment on you using relevant screens to surfing. They will then design a program that will give you the physical capability to surf better. Regular 1 on 1 Personal Conditioning sessions with an Exercise Scientist or join our Group classes designed to improve surfing fitness.

S&C Small Group Training – You will join one of our training groups comprised primarily of surfers around your ability and physical competency. These groups are capped at 8 athletes per coach.

Yoga for Surfers – Repetitive motions in paddling and surfing can take its toll on your body, our experienced and accredited instructor will address these. Improved posture gained through yoga will also allow your centrifugal rotation (the driving force in your surfing) to function better. Improved balance (both uni and bi lateral) will also assist in improving your completion rate of manoeuvres.

contact info@scsurfschools.com.au for more info, or call 0412 563 191.

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