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The start

As a surfer for the last 42 years, I jumped aboard the SUP wave that swept through about 5 years ago. Articles appeared on television and social media showcasing this new sport. Industry experts and suppliers (surprise, surprise), were telling me this is the future of water-sports, and that I should add this dimension to our surf school.

After ignoring the first few calls from a persistent supplier, I gathered a few coaches and we decided to dip our toes in…

Getting wet

Starting in the ocean is much trickier than it looks, regardless of how big the board is. While it was a calm day, gentle swells underfoot dislodged the most co-ordinated! While having good balance is critical, so is the ability to remember key coaching tips to keep you steady, ie keep moving, head up and stay low. This is not the time to acquire the finer skills of paddle technique! As a result of too much to cope with, progress was slow, with a lot of time spent learning how to get back on the board after getting wet.

At this point, a few things start to make sense. This NEW sport does have a lot of potential, in terms of high thrill factor, a sweet perspective on the water, and a challenging physical activity

Sharing the stoke

With a small fleet of boards, flat water coaching certification completed it was time to spread the word, or ‘share the stoke’! We have had the pleasure of introducing Paddle boarding to a wide audience, with many following up with a purchase of their own! Older adults, mums with 

The main reasons, (in my opinion) are that people can now enjoy the outdoors from a new angle, and add a challenging activity to their lives!

Stay salty!

Leighton Higgo


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